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Hungarian Association for Innovation

Registered office and postal address:
H-1116, Hungary
Budapest, Fehérvári St. 108-112. 2nd floor
(Nádor udvar)

phone: (+36 1) 430 3330
Scientific and Innovation Talent Recruitment Contest for Youth


In 1991 the Hungarian Association for Innovation, as non-governmental and non-profit and professional association, for the first time, announced the National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth. By organising the first National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth in 1991/92 an opportunity presented itself for Hungary - for the first time in Central-Eastern Europe - to join the EU Contest for Young Scientists.


At the beginning of October in every year, coupled with a press conference the National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth is announced in harmony with the aims and rules of the EU-contests.

During the preparation work the Association invites the main patron of the contest, the Minister for Education. For assistance of the jury the help of acknowledged scientists, university professors as well as financial professionals is asked. The chairman for the usually 18-members jury is the director-general of the Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. By making use of the institutions sponsoring the financial conditions - namely such as the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Ministry of Human Capacities, leading industrial companies, television for public services - the conditions for the contest are created.

Great care is taken that from the beginning of September until the beginning of November (application deadline) as many as possible young people could be informed about the contest. In press execution 7.000 copies of the call for application are made and sent to the secondary schools, colleges and to the secondary school teachers.

Moreover the call for application is circulated directly among the young students, nevertheless these copies are send to the youngsters registered in our database, along with institutions of the press, television and radio. The call for application appears in the daily papers, scientific magazines of the capital and the country, besides university papers, professional periodicals, gazettes and newsletters. The television and the radio also give an account of the contest.


For the deadline of November, each jury member reads and examines every application if:
it is genuine and original,
it is established in scientific point of view,
it is realisable and practicable,
the applicant is suitable for working out the plan,
the result expected is utilisable.
After a meeting the jury makes the decision on the base of majority. Generally approximately 50-60 applications is suggested for further elaboration.


During the period of the elaboration the managers of the Hungarian Association for Innovation help the qualified contestants by giving advises, as well as organizing consultations. A visit is also arranged to the Hungarian Patent Office. Each member of the jury follows the elaboration of 3-4 works with personal attention. On the occasion of personal consultations they get to know the R&D results, the prototypes, models of the works in details, and they inquire about the results gained so far.
The elaboration of the works can also be sponsored by companies and institutions. For gaining the help of these sponsors the organisers of the contest provide publicity, as well as contributing to the paying of the reasoned expenses.

By the beginning of April, the works elaborated and scientifically founded in detail have to be sent to the secretariat of the Association. In general 80 percent of the qualified works is finished by the deadline. The contestants enclose prototypes, computer programs, etc. for the description of their works.

Every member of the jury is acquainted with the works, prototypes, together with the young people introducing their models in operation. The jury values the works elaborated in accordance with the following considerations:
originality and creativity in the approach to the problem,
details of elaboration, and its scientific level,
completion level of the project (concept, conclusion), and its utilizableness,
reasonable and clear interpretation of results,
high standard level of written material.

The best students get high prizes:
First prize: (three altogether) per works 30 000 HUF/month scholarship for one year
Second prize: (three altogether) per works 20 000 HUF/month scholarship for one year
Third prize: (four altogether) per works 10 000 HUF/month scholarship for one year

The spectacular works are rewarded with credit in the scientific and technical institutions of higher education and are presented each year in June within the scope of an exhibition lasting 2 days.
The selected teachers by the first and second prize awarded students get 100 000 HUF scholarship.
The co-organizer of the contest, the editorial office of M5 Television presents the rewarded works in a program.
4nd national Meeting of Hungarian Young Scientists
2nd september 2006, Nádasdladány
2nd national Meeting of Hungarian Young Scientists
2-3 september, 2005, Visegrád

The 2nd meeting of the Hungarian Young Scientists took place in Visegrád, on 2-3 September 2005, with the cooperation and support of the British Council and the Ministry of Economy.
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