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The Association assists its members in having access to concrete financial, professional, business information and studies that help their activities related to the creation of intellectual products.

The Association informs the member companies in its biweekly information publication, the online NEWSLETTER, about:
economic policy concepts and decisions alluding to and determining innovative activities,
composition of economic regulators and rules determining the condition of economy and foreign trade,
opportunities for participation in innovation exhibitions and fairs at preferential rates; study tours and, in the framework of this, the possibilities of the member companies to build up their domestic and foreign markets,
international relations, possible domestic and foreign partners and their activities and services,
the financial and infrastructural facilities of innovation,
issues of industrial property law,
other professional services promoting innovation activities.

The Association operates the INNOVATION AGENCY which - mostly free of charge - supplies the following services:
application and utilization of inventions,
mediation of business partners,
establishment of joint ventures,
involvement and mediation of venture capital and business angels,
consulting on business, marketing, financial, technological and legal issues,
organization of professional conferences, symposia and round-table-conversations,
organization of exhibitions and training in innovation management,
arrangement of participation in innovation exhibitions, fairs and study tours,
assistance of young, talented inventors and starting innovative entrepreneurs,
announcing and managing the Hungarian Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth yearly,
announcing and managing the Innovation Grand Prize yearly.
Hungarian Association for Innovation

Registered office and postal address:
H-1116, Hungary
Budapest, Fehérvári St. 108-112. 2nd floor
(Nádor udvar)

phone: (+36 1) 430 3330